About us

“Georgian Plant Oil Company Qarva” LTD is the only Georgian company at local market that started production of Georgian edible oil under the trademark – „Qarva”. The company has been on the market since 2005. Should be mentioned, that “Qarva” uses Georgian raw materials grown on Georgian land by a Georgian farmer, also owns land in Kakheti region and cultivates necessary plant cultures. Since its first-ever appearance on the market, Georgian oil “Qarva” has been highly appreciated by the customers. In 2007, the company added to its portfolio an unrefined oil “Supta Kakhuri”, preserving existing product – refined sunflower oil. In 2008, “Qarva” management decided to change the bottle design and packaging. This mission has been entrusted to the famous Georgian designer Zviad Tsikolia, who presented unique design of Georgian sunflower oil bottle. In 2020, the company carried out complete renovation of the plant equipment and increased its performance according to the market demand. In 2021, “Qarva” launched two new products, refined corn oil and compound feed.

The compound feed production plant is equipped in a way, which allows us to supply highest quality feed to local farmers, entrepreneurs, etc. The company offers compound feed for livestock and poultry, which is developed by envisaging specific species, breeds and productive characteristics. The product is balanced with all the necessary nutrients for all the stages of productivity (livestock/poultry) and satisfies bioactive substances demand.

Our company uses corn, wheat, barley, soybean meal, sunflower oil cake, premium quality premixes, vegetable oils and other raw materials of natural origin, which are allowed to be used in livestock and poultry feed production by the EU and Georgian legislation. Our product is characterized by high energy and nutritional values, which helps to improve digestive system, gain weight and increased productivity.

“Qarva” group owns a sunflower production plant in Dedoplistskaro, Kakheti region; and corn oil and compound feed production plants in Khobi, Samegrelo region. High quality sunflower (Dedoplitskaro) and corn oil production ( Khobi) include full technological cycle – raw material processing, oil bottling and packing, and are equipped with the latest laboratory equipment. Production line allows us to closely monitor the quality of the raw material and final product.

“Georgian Plant Oil Company Qarva” LTD delivers its products (bottled sunflower and corn oil) exclusively by the distribution company “Diplomat Georgia„ LTD throughout Georgia. Our sunflower and corn oil are available in more than 300 stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets including: “AgroHub”, “Goodwill”, “Europroduct”, “Carrefour”, “Fresco”, “Zgapari”, “Memo”, “Madagoni”, “Magniti”, “Smart”,etc.

“Qarva” Corn and Sunflower oil are of great demand among retail/wholesale and “HoReCamarket”, because we offer premium quality, 100% natural Georgian product.